Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting past "fine", "nothing", & "I don't know"

I've noticed a pattern already when it comes to asking my 5-year-old about her day. In fact, I heard it again just a few minutes ago. I had called my mom after Vacation Bible School pick-up to see how Alyssa enjoyed the second day.

"What was the best part of the morning?" I asked expectantly.

"Right now, being with Grandma!" She bounced back.

"Oh, that's great! And, what was the best part of VBS?"

"Right n-  OH! (giggles) Um...doing the verse (for her teacher)."

Did you catch it? I've been hearing it a lot lately. At dinner when I ask what was the best part of her day she'll shout out, "Right now!" We've always responded with "Aw"'s and "That's so sweet"'s. But, I'm on to her. "Right Now!" is her version of  "fine", "nothing", and/or "I don't know". Aaaack! Aren't these a parent's most dreaded responses? And, isn't she a little young to have a pat answer?

So, I need to put a little more work into getting some real answers from my little girl. Here are some questions I think might mix things up a bit:

What story did the teacher tell in class today?

Did you have broccoli and spinach for snack?

What was your favorite song during music time?

I'll be adding more to my repertoire as I go along. But, I'm determined to get the real AND the full story from my daughter. I truly want to connect with her and find out what's going on in her beautiful little head and heart.

What gets your kids talking in the car or at the dinner table?

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