Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What if Mary had told the Angel, "Sorry I'm busy"?!

So, last night on the drive home Alyssa asked me to sit in the back seat with her. And, to her surprise, I said yes. This was a HUGE treat and she wasn't going to waste one second of it. Right away, as Daddy pulled out and headed homeward, she said, "Let's PLAY!" She wanted to act out the story of the Angel telling Mary that she was going to have a baby, even though she wasn't married yet. We acted it out several different times bringing in different aspects of the story and, of course, conjuring up different silly characters to add to the scene. Finally, she wanted me to be the Angel and she would be Mary. So, in my very best Messenger of God voice I said to her, "Mary! You are highly favored and chosen by God for a very special task!" Alyssa said, "OH!" So, I continued: "You will have a baby boy who is God's own son and His name will be Jesus! And, He will grow up to save the world!" And, she said, "I don't have time, Angel. I'm TOO BUSY and I'm running late!"

Whoa, talk about a slap of conviction right in my play-acting face! It didn't take more than a fraction of a second to realize where Alyssa had heard those words before. And, as Jeremy and I laughed at her response to my Angelic message, I had to wonder if maybe Mama's been saying those words a little too often lately.

Then I asked Jeremy, "Can you imagine if Mary had actually said that to the Angel?" I mean, isn't there a huge possibility of that happening? Especially if Mary had encountered her divine visit in today's world! How many of us are so busy doing important things for God that we're missing out on or not even listening to the one task HE is actually asking us to do?

Of course God's plan to save us all from sin and death would have continued even if Mary had taken a pass, but it's interesting to think about isn't it? And to apply to our lives. I often feel Mommy-guilt for telling Alyssa I'm too busy working or doing laundry or cleaning the toilets to play at the moment. But, how often do I feel Christ follower-guilt over telling God I'm much too busy being a Mom, serving in the nursery at church, or doing a radio show to do whatever it is that He's asking of me at the moment. It may not even be a conscious thing, just a habit of doing what I think is important instead of taking the time to consult the Savior of the world. Hmmm....the things our kids can make us think about!