Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I think we've found a TRUE star!

Did ya see America's Got Talent last night? Can I just say...WOW?! I mean most of the You Tube Submissions were not the best due to poor choice of content, nerves, or just plain weirdness that gave me nightmares (thank you dental floss man). But, the final performance of the night was one of those once in a lifetime events that I'm so glad I didn't miss. Not only is 10-year-old Jackie Evancho one of the most talented singers I've ever heard....EVER...but she was so full of grace, poise, and charm mixed with enthusiasm, humility, and innocence. What a sheer joy. I'm so excited to follow this little lady's career. I think it will be long and successful!

Didn't catch it? Well, here it is, enjoy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I love my job!

In this day and age most people are probably happy just to have a job. Times are tight. The recession's end has yet to show real evidence of itself. Hopefully we're starting to see a turning of the tide but, still, simply having and holding on to a job, ANY job, right now is a true gift. So, having and holding on to a job that you LOVE is a treasure beyond imagination. And, that is where I find myself today; gratitude and joy swirling around in my heart so fast that sometimes I get a little dizzy. I'm sure you've noticed the dizzy times quite often. ;) Anywho, I just had to express my love for my job and tell you that I can't wait to get back on Monday. Jeremy feels the same way but I won't let him post on the blog. (Ha! Just Kidding!) We are both so excited about the fact the we are excited to return to work after a wonderful vacation. Thanks so much for Doing Life with us and please join us Monday afternoon at three. Oh, and we'd love to know what you love about YOUR job. Post a comment and we might get to read it on the air next week! See/Talk to you soon!