Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Taking advantage of those little moments

Got a chance to snuggle with Alyssa this morning and I'm still riding on that high. Isn't it invigorating to spend even a few moments with your child just tickling, hugging, kissing, and talking? I'm determined to spend more and more time each day focusing on these activities. And why not? It makes Alyssa feel secure in who she is and in the love her mommy (and daddy after snuggle time with him - see a small example in the photo) has for her and it completely energizes me! It's better than coffee, exercise, or even a girls' night out. So, why don't I do it more? Ah the struggles of balancing work, home, and family, huh?

What's your favorite way to connect with your child?

Oh, and a reminder...if you posted a comment on Friday, April 17's blog entry, I need to know where to send your 91.5 WCIC reusable shopping bag! Email me your address at!

Wishing you lots of kiddie cuddles today!!! Jill <><

Friday, April 17, 2009

Super Why's in a Movie to teach Kids about Going Green!

I've been a little confused about whether this movie is already playing and have finally found out that YES it is playing on Saturdays and Sundays for the rest of April at the Rave in Peoria. I'm so psyched. Alyssa ADORES Super Why and also Word World, who's characters join Super Why in this full length feature film called Earth Days. Its centered on introducing toddlers and preschoolers to the idea of taking good care of our planet. So, I'm thinking Mommy/Daughter date! :) Really, it's a win/win. We get to spend quality fun time together without the hustle and bustle of the weekdays. And, I get to introduce my three year old to Going Green. Pretty cool, huh?

So, here's my question for do you introduce the concepts of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to your kids? Have you found something that works better at one age than another? Please let me know and you could win a way to go green yourself. The first 25 people who post a comment to today's blog entry will receive a 91.5 WCIC reusable grocery bag/tote. Super cool, huh? And, we just might use your ideas on the air next week!

So, send us your ideas and tell your super GREEN friends about it, too! And, maybe I'll see YOU at the movies! Have a great weekend, my friend! :0)

Jill for the Traceys <><

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter '09 Memories

We hope you had a fantastic Easter Weekend with your family. The Traceys celebrated by attending church and then heading to Grandma and Papa's house for lunch and time with family. Alyssa's cousins, Brandon and Derek, (and my sister, Jennifer) joined us for a little Resurrection Rolls making.

They were so cool because when you bake them they come out of the oven hollow, just like Jesus' tomb was empty on that glorious Sunday Morning two thousand years ago. Thanks so much to Dawn who emailed the awesome idea to us. You can get the recipe for next year. We've posted it on the Doing Life with the Traceys page at

All in all, we really feel Alyssa is starting to understand the true meaning of Easter. That it goes way beyond bunnies, chocolates, and baskets. But, she still enjoys those things. Who doesn't? I know I still do and always will. But, the true joy is in celebrating Jesus' resurrection with your loved ones and looking forward to the promise of Heaven and our forever future!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, the day I'd been anticipating, albeit with a trace of dread in my heart, finally arrived. Jeremy and I took part in the Lakeview Museum Interplanetary 5-K in Peoria this past Saturday. And, let me just say, WOW am I SLOW!!! :) It's OK, I expected to be slow and I really don't care that I came in dead last...beaten by EVERYONE by at least 5-6 minutes. All I wanted to do was FINISH THE RACE. And, I did. And, even though I was last my time of 42:15 was about five minutes faster than when I ran the distance in training. That's pretty cool! Now I can actually say I have run in a 5-K race. Amazing! Never in my life would I have dreamt of achieving such a feat. And, I'm even thinking about the next one...isn't that unbelievable? Of course thinking and TRAINING are two different things, aren't they? :)

OK, I have to back up just a little. When I say I came in last, that's not exactly true. My wonderful husband came in last and NOT because he had to. He ran right next to me for the entire race at MY pathetically slow pace so he could encourage me to keep going. Everytime I wanted to give up he was right there with a word of encouragement, reminding me that it was a great accomplishment to just be IN the race and that I COULD make it to the finish line. Then, at the very last leg of the trip...he dropped behind me so that I wouldn't be the last runner to come in. What a GUY, huh? He's my sweetie!To see more pictures, check out the Doing Life with the Traceys group on Facebook. It was a great day and I'm so glad I got out there and did it. And, I just want to encourage you...whatever it is that you've been THINKING about doing...whatever challenge you're CAN DO IT! Just find a friend or loved one to run the race with you and to help you keep going when everything inside of you SCREAMS that you can't! Latch on to that person who will remind you that with Jesus you can do ANYTHING. And, you know what? You can!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!

I never thought I'd EVER hear myself say, "I'm running a 5-K tomorrow". But, wow, I GUESS stranger things have happened, huh? It's amazing what you can do with Jesus and your husband at your side. If you're available tomorrow morning and want to join us, we'll be taking part in the Lakeview Museum Interplanetary Run at Detweiller Park in Peoria at 9 am. I'm pretty sure you can still register at the event. You can find out more at We'll be sure to post some pictures after the BIG DAY! :) Please pray for me!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Amazing Faith

Hello! Jeremy and I just had to share this news story with you out of Ft Mill, S.C. Our dear friends, John and Tara Rinehart, have been waging a battle against breast cancer as Tara received news that she had a regional recurrence of the disease back in July. She has fought and fought with chemicals and other treatments. Now, she has decided to go the all natural route and trust God for the outcome. She knows it is not what God puts on the heart of every person facing this awful disease. But, she believes it's the way He is leading her. Please read Tara's story. We think her faith will encourage you and maybe someone you love. It has tremendously encouraged us in many ways as we continue to pray for her and for John and their two beautiful kiddos. Just click on the link for the news story!