Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Day of School!

Alyssa at 2 1/2 when she started at Redeemer
They say the first day of school is so hard for the Mommies. They're lying. The first day of school is exciting, happy, new! The LAST day of school is the one that's emotional!!
Alyssa on the 1st day of Pre-K this yr
(SIGH) I just dropped off Alyssa for her very last day of preschool and childcare and I can't keep from tearing up just a little. It's amazing to ponder all of the changes she's experienced in the almost three years we've been at Redeemer Lutheran in Peoria. She's learned to use the potty all by herself (for the most part...but we won't go there). She's learned her letters, her numbers, her colors, and how to listen to the teacher. She's transformed from not-so-sure-about-this-place to completely confident and ready for anything. She no longer uses a stroller, a bib, or a booster seat at the dinner table. So many phases and stages have come and gone in this short time. It's definitely the end of a chapter for the Traceys. We no longer have a little girl in the house. She's departed forever and has been replaced by a beautiful, smart, and hilarious big girl who's all ready for Kindergarten. I just want to know why no one waits for Mommy to be ready. Yeah, yeah, it's a good thing. It's the way of life. Kids are supposed to grow. And, I do look forward to the next big adventure. But, I won't hide it, this is emotional! I'll probably shed a tear or two at graduation tonight. (I'm sure I won't be the only one!) Then, I'll squeeze my sweetie and try to hold on to this age for as long as I can. That is, until she says, "Too tight, Mommy, too tight!"

Thank you to all the teachers, aides, helpers, and staff of Redeemer Lutheran Preschool and Childcare for three wonderful years. We love you!


mom said...

I can still remember my own children's graduation from preschool like it was yesterday.
Yes Jill, you will shed a tear or two. The moving song they played that day for my son's ceremony did not help.
Every stage you are fortunate enough to share with your child is both exciting and yet sad when it ends.
There are no secrets on how to smoothly make the transition as a parent while they boldly move ahead.
I would bravely smile through a tear, and whisper, thank-you God for letting me be his mom, help me to let go when it's time.

Moms said...

Hey I'm going to my oldest's 8th grade graduation and I'm still not ready for him to grow up! Just please don't let the 8th graders sing goodbye because I'll be in the midst of a huge puddle!

Jill Tracey said...

Thanks for the encouragement and, surprisingly, I ended up NOT crying! Strange, huh? But, the little five year olds were just TOO funny playing with their tassels and the big arms on their gowns, etc. I was laughing too much to cry! :)I'm sure when she's older there will be more tears, though.